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Interested in Becoming a Regional Manager?

Following is a quick reference to give you an idea of what it is like to be a regional manager.  As a Regional Manager, you:

  • Recruit a work group so you don’t have to do everything yourself!
  • Create a list of your registered team region contact people. (I created a word document with all of the emails that I could copy and paste as an email send list).
  • Determine the date of the regional meet – reserve the school – and announce the date to your registered schools (November or December).  I developed a website with all of the necessary information and links for registered schools.
  • Require schools to send team participant names and coach names (preferably) 2 weeks prior to the regional meet.  Make a spreadsheet with team member names and coach name organized by school. (Ready to print out onto name tags)
  • Assign someone to oversee printing and organizing questions for all of the battles. This includes assigning room numbers.
  • Assign someone to recruit volunteers.  Arrange for training of volunteers.  Assign roles and rooms.
  • Assign someone to purchase food for volunteers and host the volunteer room.
  • Have someone recruit “runners” or “room monitors” to, at least, take scores to the tabulation room.
  • Have at least one or two people to tabulate scores and announce advancements.  Have spread sheets created before the event to help tabulate advancements.
  • Ask a local “big name” to open the ceremonies (they love to do this stuff, so don’t be shy)
  • Prepare and perform welcoming speech for participants and families.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Become a Regional Manager

Without regional managers to lead, there cannot be regional tournaments and many regions still need managers.  Interested in volunteering as a Regional Manager? Email the OBOB Administrative Chair at