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Twelve Ways Public Libraries Can Support OBOB

Developed by Cedar Mill Library Youth Services
  1. GET OBOB: include multiple copies of OBOB titles in your library collections – don’t forget audiobooks.
  2. MAKE OBOB EASY TO FIND: mark your OBOB books with a special sticker  (nab the nifty NEW logo on the OBOB website)
  3. MAKE  OBOB EVEN EASIER TO FIND: shelve OBOB books together for easy access
  4. LIST OBOB: reproduce and distribute the OBOB title list (download the brochure from the OBOB website)
  5. LIST OBOB-DIGITAL: include the titles on your library’s webpage or blog about them
  6. LINK OBOB: link the OBOB titles from your webpage or blog to your library catalog
  7. SPREAD THE WORD:  let local schools and teachers know the OBOB books are available at your library.  Find locally participating schools and OBOB contacts in the Registrations Received and Paid document on this wiki.
  8. GIVE THE BOOKS: include OBOB titles in prize book giveaways (like summer reading
  9. HAVE A CHALLENGE: challenge kids to write their own OBOB questions.  Stick ‘em on a bulletin board, have a question round-robin OBOB event, post them on your website.
  10. HOST OBOB EVENT #1: host OBOB book discussion groups at the library
  11. HOST OBOB EVENT #2: Hold just-for-practice battles at the library over winter break
  12. VOLUNTEER: send library staff to the school and/or regional tournaments